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Anjou and its Angevin charm … where we take time to enjoy life and all the pleasures the region has to offer. Are you coming for the week-end? Here are the 10 most popular things to do in the Mauges!

1- Climb aboard a boat for an excursion on the Loire

Travel along our unspoilt river aboard a cruise ship or a toue cabanée, the traditional Loire River fishing boat. Punctuated by fascinating commentary from true Loire River connoisseurs, the cruise will shed a whole new light on this waterway.

Between the sandbanks and swirling waters, you’ll admire the river’s fauna, flora and the heritage of the Loire. The sights are sure to fascinate you.

2- Travel along the Loire by Bike route

The Mauges is lucky to be home to 35 kilometers of this adventurous journey. The most zealous cyclists will tackle the entire Loire by Bike route. Those who are a bit less of a cyclist at heart can of course do one of the several loops that dot the route.

Our recommendations 💡

Enjoy the panoramic views from Champtoceaux, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil and Montjean-sur-Loire during your trip! 🚴

Gourmet break in the vineyards ©M.Blouin

3- Meet our wine growers

In addition to offering tastings, many of our wine growers happily welcome you to come discover their vineyards, their know-how and their wines to which the Loire River contributes so much goodness.

The Domaine des Galloires in Drain (Orée d’Anjou) offers three-kilometer walks through its vineyards for an opportunity to learn about the culture (April – September). To reward your efforts, you can also opt to finish off with a gourmet picnic.

4- Visit the region by pony

Pass through forests and prairies exploring the region at a trot or gallop. A variety of equestrian centers in Mauges offer excursions atop a pony or horse.

Vignes en Selle, in Saint-Crespin-sur-Moine, even offers wine tours, after which you will be introduced to the region’s wines with a tasting.

5- Go hiking to discover our most beautiful landscapes

The Mauges, in Maine-et-Loire, is chock full of trails and valleys to walk along. Head out to discover marvelous landscapes along the Loire and the Èvre rivers and between vineyards and woodlands. Why not uncover a bit more of the Angers-Nantes-Cholet triangle?

Click here to see all the hikes!

La Ruche de Mary ©Famille Mary

6- Treat yourself to a relaxing moment at the Ruche de Mary

The Ruche de Mary is a site devoted to beekeeping created by the company Famille Mary. Whether you want to learn more about bees, how beehives work or what beekeepers do, the site offers a fun, interactive walk to teach you all the secrets about our little striped friends.

Just next door, you’ll find the Famille Mary’s SPA Abeille wellness center. Using honey, royal jelly and propolis as its main ingredients for massage products, the spa welcomes you in a relaxing, tranquil setting.

7- Discover the world of medicinal plants at the Camifolia botanical garden

The municipality of Chemillé in Anjou is the European capitol of medicinal plants. With nearly 420 producers, the town is at the heart of French herbal medicine.

The Camifolia botanical garden attests to this know-how. It holds more than 600 plant species offering a full gamut of virtues. Visit the garden for an enthralling voyage into the world of natural medicine! 🌿

8- Shape your creativity at the Maison du Potier

Once upon a time, the town of Le Fuilet included 45 workshops for potters and tile & brick makers. And the legacy of its rich artisanal tradition from that golden era can still be found in the region today.

The Maison du Potier keeps that heritage alive. The site offers a range of activities based on clay, from extraction to finished product. It offers quarry and museum visits, sculpting workshops, pottery and throwing courses, and more. Come make your own bowl or flowerpot!

Our recommendation 💡 Visit the Tessier pottery store and workshop run by Béatrice and Alain, Fuilet potter descendants.

9- Explore the inside of a saffron plantation

This is an opportunity to learn about the spice referred to as the ‘red gold’.

The company Cynfael, the prince of saffron, cultivates and processes this precious spice. Salted butter & saffron caramel, saffron syrup, jams, and more, Cynfael’s products are a sheer delight!

Go behind the scenes of this saffron plantation to learn a bit more about how it operates, and about the Crocs sativus flower and the spice we get from it.