Connue pour ses vignes bordant le fleuve royal, la région des Mauges possède une grande culture gastronomique.

The local products

Whet your appetite with our rillauds, small chunks of lean belly of pork cooked in fat, which you can enjoy hot or cold. You can accompany them with fouaces or fouées, small rolls that you can stuff with Loire fish rillettes or a delicious saffron jam.

The Loire is brimming with fish like pike and pikeperch, which we prepare with a butter sauce or sorrel. Terrines of fish from the Loire, like silurid, lamprey and carp, are popular with the locals here.

Eel can be enjoyed fried, with a parsley and garlic garnish or in butter, accompanied by button mushrooms.

Our regional recipes

Crémet d’Anjou, a light and airy dessert made with fresh cream, can be served plain, on a bed of berry coulis or with Anjou blossom honey.

Plum pie is a dessert typically made with unpitted greengage plums, a variety that is emblematic of the Anjou region.

Traditionally served at Candlemas (February 2), the bottereau is a doughnut that can be sweet, savory or with filling.

Our wines and beers

You will appreciate all of these delicious items even more when accompanied by a Loire Valley wineorganic apple juice or a craft beer from La Rombière in the heart of the Mauges!