Any overview of our region would be incomplete without mentioning its must-see parks and gardens!

Camifolia Garden ©D.Drouet

Camifolia Garden

Are you familiar with camomile? It is a plant with multiple virtues that can be used in many ways: in herbal tea, essential oils and even in ointments! It soothes many pains and possesses unexpected properties. Camomile is the emblem of Chemillé-en-Anjou, THE capital of medicinal plants dating back to the 19th century.

Camifolia Garden is home to nearly 600 species of plants with amazing properties, covering close to 3.5 hectares (8.6 acres) of gardens.

This site, with its 1,001 scents, is divided into seven theme gardens, presented in fun ways that ensure all five senses are continuously stimulated.

You cannot help but taste the garden of flavors, slip out of your shoes along the sensory pathway and lounge at the base of the waterfall as you savor some artisanal peppermint chocolate ice cream!

Martreil Park ©YSC

Martreil Park

Are you a fan of 400-year-old trees and rare species that are found nowhere else? Then this landscaped park is sure to delight you! Spanning an area of 37 hectares (91 acres), this property in the small town of Sainte-Christine is jam-packed with treasures. Some of the region’s most beautiful trees have been identified as “Remarkable Trees of the Maine et Loire,” and the 90-some species of trees, both native and exotic, are sure to win you over!

As you explore the meadows and groves, you will discover 400-year-old oak trees, plus extraordinary sweetgum trees recorded as the tallest in France, as well as Oriental plane trees and Himalayan pines, and the list goes on…

A real pleasure within everyone’s reach: just look skyward, and you will not regret your trip!