The banks of the Loire invite you to enjoy a wonderful moment of togetherness around great quality food!
Thanks to the rich soil, the expertise of the men and women who cultivate it and the temperate climate, you can enjoy a wide variety of products.


Whether it is fresh fruits or vegetables from our market gardens (lamb's lettuce, strawberries and of course apples) or farm-raised products such as poultry, you will not be disappointed by all the delicious flavours you will find at many local farmer's markets or directly from the farm.

Not to mention, of course, the fresh fish (zander, eel, pike, etc.) that professional fishermen still catch using traditional fishing boats such as the "toue cabanée" (cabin boat). Then they make their own fish rillettes and other various products that you can find in our grocery stores, markets and even restaurants!

The banks of the Loire and the region of Angers also offer local specialities that will tickle your taste buds:
-    The “rillauds”, made from large pieces of pork belly cooked in their own fat and served warm, cold or hot.
-    Fish from the Loire cooked in a beurre blanc sauce, a special type of butter sauce made from butter, vinegar and shallots.
-    The plum pâté from the region of Angers is actually a greengage plum pie. A simple and delicious dessert made from plums covered in pastry dough, with a whole in the middle.
-    The Crémet d'Anjou, a special creamy dessert from the region of Angers. This delicious dessert is made from whipped cream and egg whites beaten stiff. The crémets are then drained and removed from their special crémet moulds ("moules à crémet").
-    "Fouaces" or "fouées" are small warm buns filled with various rillettes, cheese and other sweet products...
-    "Bottereaux", little donuts enjoyed in the area during Mardi Gras and Carnival.

And nothing is better than a good wine to accompany all these dishes, whether sweet or savoury, as the Loire Valley is the third largest wine region in France!




We have selected some great "Caves Touristiques" (Tourist Wine Cellars) where English is spoken.
Feel free to go and meet the winemakers who will be more than happy to welcome you for a wine tasting and tell you all about the various wine appellations:
"Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire"
"Coteaux d'Ancenis"
"Anjou Coteaux de la Loire"
"Crémant de Loire"
"Cabernet d'Anjou"
"Anjou Rouge"
"Anjou Villages"…

We encourage you to try some of our own precious wine:
-    Le Malvoisie Coteaux d’Ancenis
-    L’Anjou rouge
-    Le Crémant de Loire

Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Please drink responsibly.