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The fine weather is back, nature is decked out in a thousand colours, the birds are singing, the days are getting longer… What a joy to be able to go out again and breathe the fresh air of nature and sunbathe! It’s time to get out of your house or office and enjoy a lunch or dinner in nature. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries and get some vitamin D.

Discover our best spots for a local picnic on the banks of the Loire! ☀️

Picnic in Champtoceaux

🚗 30 min drive from Nantes and Montrevault-sur-Èvre
🚴 1h30 to 2h by bike from Nantes via La Loire à Vélo

Just a stone’s throw from Moulin Pendu, in a place called Le Cul du Moulin

Facing the Loire and close to one of the vestiges of Champtoceaux’s medieval history, the picnic area Le Cul du Moulin is the ideal place for a gourmet break out of time.

Extend the pleasure with a 6 km walk on the interpretation trails “Medieval Trail” and “Tales and Legends” to discover the medieval and seafaring past of this beautiful town.

Panorama du Champalud ©D.Drouet

At the Panorama du Champalud

If you don’t have your feet in the water, the Jardin du Champalud picnic area offers you the chance to have your head in the clouds. Perched 70 m above the Loire, this picnic area nestled in the heart of a flowery garden, is equipped with tables and benches.

But the best view is still the one you get when you sit on the low stone walls facing the splendid panorama of Champalud.

Picnicking in and around Saint-Florent-le-Vieil

🚗 35 min by car from Angers – 45 min from Nantes
🚴 2h30 to 3h by bike from Angers and Nantes via La Loire à Vélo

At the picnic area Le Chalonge in Le Marillais

Le Chalonge picnic area in Le Marillais is ideal if you like Sunday walks or bike rides with your family.

Take the Loire à Vélo trails or the “Èvre et Loire” hiking trails from Saint-Forent-le-Vieil and take a break halfway along the Loire at this picnic area. Bike racks and 2 picnic tables are nestled in a green setting for a relaxing and intimate meal.

Along the Julien Gracq walk

A natural interlude on the banks of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, along the Promenade Julien Gracq.

Spread out your best tablecloth on the grass facing the Loire and enjoy a delicious fish terrine concocted locally by the Vent d’Soulair team, accompanied by a succulent glass of Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire sur lie des Vignes de l’Alma. A picnic delight!

With a full belly, set off to discover this “Petite Cité de Caractère®” on a 1.5 hour walk along the paths of the Saint-Florent-le-Vieil Tourist Circuit.

Picnic in Montjean-sur-Loire

🚗 25 minutes from Angers
🚴 2 hours by bike from Angers via La Loire à Vélo

On the lucettes picnic area

Unless you put your feet in the water, you can’t get any closer to the Loire for your picnic than at the Lucettes picnic area. Sit on a picnic table and enjoy your meal in the shade of the trees and facing the Loire.

Local picnic in Anjou ©M.Blouin

Wild picnics along the Loire

If you don’t need a picnic table to sit at to eat, you will find plenty of places along the 90 km between Nantes and Angers to spread out your tablecloth on the ground and enjoy your picnic by the Loire.

We particularly like :

  • Sitting by the quays of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil and Montjean-sur-Loire,
  • Sitting by the water at the foot of the bargemen’s village of La Patache,
  • Spread out a sheet to eat facing the Loire on the island of Chalonnes,
  • Take a gourmet break 50 metres above the Loire on the Mont Glonne esplanade in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil.
    With the multitude of preserved areas on the banks of the Loire, you won’t soon tire of your picnics on the banks of the Loire.

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