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If you’re looking for an original, exotic vacation with friends, head out to conquer the Loire with a bivouac between Angers and Nantes. Explore the banks of the Loire over a weekend or a week by taking low-impact means of transport and sleeping under the stars or in a tent. What awaits you during a bivouac weekend in the Mauges? Cycling, canoeing/kayaking, camping, open-air cafés on the banks of the Loire, and above all sun, stunning landscapes and lots of good spirits!

Reason no. 1: Vary the pleasures between hiking, cycling and canoeing/kayaking

There are several ways to travel along the banks of the Loire between Angers and Nantes.

Add variety to your trip to the Loire region by traveling along the banks of the Loire River between Angers and Nantes with eco-friendly modes of transportation:

  • By foot via the ‘Sentier de la Loire’ GR®3 trail
  • By bike via the Loire by Bike route,
  • By canoe/kayak leaving from Champtoceaux, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil or Montjean-sur-Loire.

Reason no. 2: Go at your own pace along the Loire

Whether you love a good physical challenge or if you’re looking to explore the Loire River banks at an easy pace, bivouacking is made for you. Tours let you to move along the water and at your own pace, over the 107 kilometers that separate Nantes and Angers. You are free to go where you want, take breaks when you want and cover the distance you want according to your desires.

Reason no. 3: Unwind in the great outdoors of the Loire region

Bivouacking on the banks of the Loire is ideal if you are looking to break away from everyday life and reconnect to nature. Explore the Loire and its unspoilt banks to discover all its deeply rich flora and fauna. Open your eyes wide so you don’t miss a thing.

After a full day, scout out a little piece of paradise to pitch your tent for some wilderness camping. The experience will bring you back to the source.

Doesn’t the idea of sleeping on an islet on the Loire appeal to you? You can recharge your batteries at one of the campsites along the banks of the Loire between Angers and Nantes. It’s a great way to stay connected to nature while enjoying a little extra comfort.

Reason no. 4: Stop for something tasty along the banks of the Loire

Part of the charm of bivouacking on the Loire is the many cafés along its banks. All summer long, from Champtoceaux to Montjean-sur-Loire, cafés are open for festive afternoons and evenings just a stone’s throw from the Loire River.

You can enjoy theater, concerts or themed events while you have a tasty appetizer platter or hot meals made with fresh, local products.

Saint Florent le Vieil ©D.Drouet

Reason no. 5: Visit our most charming villages along the banks of the Loire River

The last reason – and an excellent one indeed – to bivouac for your weekend getaway or your vacation in the Mauges is that touring lets you cover more distance and thus discover a wide variety of landscapes. Travel along the Loire River by foot, bike or a canoe/kayak and stop off in the most charming villages along its banks.

Champtoceaux, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil and Montjean-sur-Loire have many surprises in store for you. Steeped in colorful heritage, these towns offer ancient stonework, breathtaking panoramic views of the Loire and remarkable constructions.