On the hillsides of the Loire, between Montjean sur Loire and La Varenne, there are several Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée wines (AOCs)!:

Having a nice tour around la Loire and tasting some Loire's Valley good wine, Why(ne) not?

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Carte routes des vins du val de Loire, portraits de vignerons entre Angers et Nantes


We have selected some great "Caves Touristiques" (Tourist Wine Cellars) where English is spoken.
Feel free to go and meet the winemakers who will be more than happy to welcome you for a wine tasting and tell you all about the various wine appellations:
"Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire"
"Coteaux d'Ancenis"
"Anjou Coteaux de la Loire"
"Crémant de Loire"
"Cabernet d'Anjou"
"Anjou Rouge"
"Anjou Villages"…

We encourage you to try some of our own precious wine:
-    Le Malvoisie Coteaux d’Ancenis
-    L’Anjou rouge
-    Le Crémant de Loire

Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Please drink responsibly.



"Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire"

Grape variety: melon de Bourgogne.
It is grown within a 15km radius around Champtoceaux on the higher banks on both sides of the river.  An expressive dry white wine with a fruity yet mineral-like profile, which reminds us of the freshness of the Loire.
Winemaker's advice : the "Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire" is easily paired with shellfish, grilled fish or fish in a light sauce. In summer, it can be served cold as an aperitif.


"Coteaux d'Ancenis Malvoisie"

Grape variety: pinot gris
This "sweetness of the Loire" is exclusive to our region and only produced on the north and south banks of the Loire between Saint-Florent-le-Vieil and La Varenne. Its flavours of white-fleshed fruit and pears make it a light and fruity wine. Your palate will be quickly seduced.
Winemaker's advice : it can be served cold as an aperitif and goes very well with goat cheese toasts, melon and prosciutto skewers or foie gras. For a twist, you can also serve it with a pear tart.


"Anjou Coteaux de la Loire"

Grape variety: chenin blanc.
Intense yellow-gold colour with tiny hints of green and then amber after several years of ageing. Subtle, fragrant and exotic nose.  These soft sweet wines are lighter and suppler than wines from Coteaux du Layon.
Winemaker's advice : serve cold as an aperitif or with fish in a creamy sauce.


"Crémant de Loire"

Grape variety: chenin, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, pineau d'aunis, pinot noir, chardonnay, menu pineau, grolleau noir, grolleau gris.
Present throughout the Loire Valley, this sparkling wine is made according to the traditional method with second fermentation in the bottle. Fine bubbles, elegant on the palate, fresh (sometimes tonic) for bruts, softer for demi-secs. Crémant is crystal clear with hints of grey, pale yellow or shades of gold. Nose consisting of white fruit, lemon balm, hazelnut, almond and sometimes a touch of vanilla and liquorice; red berry aromas for the rosés.
Winemaker’s advice : serve at the start of a meal with duck rillettes or smoked eel from the Loire. To dazzle your guests' taste buds, you can also serve it with a lemon tart.



"Cabernet d'Anjou"

Grape varieties: cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon.
It is a soft, pleasant and refreshing rosé wine. Gourmet par excellence, it is round and smooth, with a liveliness that compensates for the sweet sensation, and has a very refreshing finish.  Among the 4 rosé wines presented here, this is the one that usually has the highest level of residual sugar.
Winemaker's advice : ideal with spicy and exotic dishes to enhance its aromatic richness.

"Rosé d'Anjou"

Grape varieties: grolleau, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, pineau d’aunis, gamay and côt.
Reflected by the climate, this wine is soft, slightly sweet and very round. Hints of red berries (strawberry and red currant), roses, sour candy, with a refreshing minty and white peppery finish.
Winemaker's advice : enjoy with a red berry charlotte.

"Coteaux d'Ancenis Gamay Rosé"

Grape variety: gamay
Sparkling pink colour. Supple, light and fruity wine. Nice fresh balance on the palate with fine subtle flavours.
Winemaker's advice : it goes very well with summer barbecues.

"Rosé de Loire"

Grape varieties: cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, grolleau, pineau d’Aunis, gamay and côt.
Crystal clear colour ranging from pale pink with hints of grey to raspberry pink with beautiful hints of orange.  Very fragrant nose with notes of small red berries (strawberry, raspberry, red currant), violet and sour candy. Light, supple, delicate and refreshing flavours that appeal to both the French and people abroad.
Winemaker's advice : great on warm days, Rosé de Loire goes perfectly with pizza, fresh pasta, charcuterie or summer salads (tabbouleh, Salade Niçoise, etc.).



"Coteaux d'Ancenis Gamay Rouge"

Grape variety: gamay
Ruby red colour with purplish-blue hues, intense notes of red berries explode on the palate with a slightly spicy touch.
Winemaker's advice : it goes well with white meat, red meat and fresh cheese.

"Anjou Rouge"

Grape varieties: gamay, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, pineau d'Aunis.
Fresh and fruity, it reveals a surprisingly aromatic finesse.
Winemaker's advice : for barbecues in the summer, it goes very well with grilled meats.

"Anjou Gamay"

Grape variety: gamay
Fresh and very fragrant, with notes of sour candy when made en primeur.
Winemaker's advice : simply with charcuterie.

"Anjou Villages"

Grape varieties: cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon.
Deep ruby red colour. Cabernet grapes ripened on schist soils make intense, full-bodied and fleshy wines, expressing fine notes of red berries and flowers (iris, violet) moving towards more complex aromas (dark fruit, undergrowth, etc.). Sometimes fresh on the palate with fine tannins, but mostly fleshy and full-bodied.
Winemaker's advice : it goes perfectly with red meat and meats in sauces (Tournedos Rossini, braised veal shank, Bordeaux-style mushrooms, etc.).



Une Autre Loire has therefore a dozen Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée wines. The AOC concept is based on original characteristics resulting from the combination of an area, one or more grape varieties and expertise. These characteristics are impossible to reproduce elsewhere as they are related to an area and therefore cannot be moved.
But there is also the "IGP" for "Indication Géographique Protégée" (Protected Geographical Indication)... Since 2009, Vins de Pays (local wines) are officially recognised for their quality in Europe. Like AOC wines, they have specific rules to follow in order to ensure consumers of their quality and origin.

The inter-professional organisation of Loire wines, called "InterLoire", grew out of the desire of winemakers and wine merchants from Nantes, Angers, Saumur and Touraine to protect and develop their Appellations.
To learn more about AOC wines of the Loire Valley, wine cellars or to test your own knowledge, log on to vinsvaldeloire.fr
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