General and special terms and conditions of sale

Article 1 – The authorized Tourist Offices, under the Act of July 13, 1992, can ensure the booking and sale of all types of leisure and reception services,  of a general concern, into their area. They facilitate the public access, providing users a great choice of services. The Tourist Offices are local tourism organizations made available to service providers, which are not members but which have an agreement with them. In this context, the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » sells online different services, specific to individual customers and governed by the following general terms and conditions of sale.
The Order of Services is restricted  to users who have read and accept unconditionally, all the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge this by checking the box  or clicking  the hypertext link provided for that purpose. Without such acceptance, it will not be technically possible to complete the ordering process.  The specific conditions for Partners, pointed out in the order explanatory leaflet and on the booking confirmation, are equally applicable to Services offer and delivery. The act of purchase and booking  means the acceptance of the partner specific conditions.
The user must be at least 18 years, legally capable to contract and to use this website in accordance with the General Conditions.
Except in case of fraud where the User is required to supply proof thereof, the User is responsible for all financial matters conducted on the Website, especially for the use that  will be made of the name, e-mail address and password. The User also guarantees the truthfulness and the accuracy of the personal details he provides when using the website. Fraudulent  use of the Site or any usage which contravenes the present Terms and  Conditions will result at any time in the User being refused access to the Services offered by the partners and any other features present on the Website.

Article 2 – Liability
Where the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire »  provides services, he is the sole contact of the customer  and he shall be accountable to him for performance of the services ordered and for the fulfilment of  the obligations under these sale conditions.
The Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » cannot be held liable in the event of full or partial non-fulfillment of the ordered services or partial or full non-compliance of the obligations stipulated in the general conditions of sale, when this is due to a fortuitous or an unforseeable event, due to an improper execution or a fault committed by the customer, or when it's due, in whole or in part, to unpredictable and unavoiable act of a third party not normally involved in the provision of services stipulated in the contract.

Article 3 – Formation of the contract
Any online order presupposes that the customer, fully and unconditionally, is in agreement with the general conditions of sale, visible and available on the site Internet The Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » provides on Internet, information to guide your research. The only purpose of the details and photographs is to advise the User of the services referenced on the site and  to name the provider selected, and are just indicative and to give an indication of the category and standing of the service.
In case the customer considers a lack of information on the characteristic of the services he wishes to order, he may, prior to any order, request further information from the Tourist Office.
By ordering, the customer admits that he obtained all the needed information on the nature and characteristics of the ordered services.
The service contract becomes binding when the Website booking page, including the summary of the ordered services, is validated by the customer.
Unless those conditions are satisfied the service contract will not be deemed concluded  and, there is no requirement for the tourist Office to perform the ordered services.

Article 4 – Written Confirmation
The tourist Office « Une autre Loire » is committed to confirm to the customer, by E-mail or by letter, at the latest, before the beginning of the ordered services, the terms and conditions of the right of withdrawal he may use, the address to which the consumer has to submit his complaint and the conditions of the commercial guarantees which he enjoys ; such a confirmation will be fulfilled by sending the general conditions of sale, stipulating all these elements.

Article 5 – Right of withdrawal-
- gift-cards and all the undated services
As provided in the Consumer Code,  article L. 121-21, in the case of a distance sale, the withdrawal period shall end  14 days after  the day of reception of the gift-card, without having to justify its decision, and without paying penalties except the delivery  fee and the cost of returning due by the buyer.
- Dated Tickets and services (with the booking of the date and time of the service). As provided in the Consumer Code, the article L121-1-8  number12, for tourism services :
The purchaser is not entitled to withdraw the services including : lodging, transport, meals or leisure activity,  which are provided at a defined period or date.

Article 6 – Price – Payment
Except specifies otherwise, the selling prices of the tourist Office « Une autre Loire » are displayed in Euros including VAT. The payment is made by credit card (Carte bleue, Visa, eurocard/Mastercard are accepted) through a secure payment system. Order with obligation to pay.
The prices are calculated according to the stipulated services as described.
The Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » reserves the right to modify, at any time, the price of the services he sales, with the agreement of the service provider. In the event of an amendment, the applicable price is that indicated on the validation page «basket » of the tourist Office « Une autre Loire ».
The confirmation of the booking, including the services provided will be sent by mail.
While booking, the customer dialogues directly with the secure payment server of the bank of the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » that  ensures the confidentiality of the provided information. The secure payment server will control the validity of the credit card used, before granting the authorization of payment and it will confirm automatically the result.

Article 7 – Conditions of the achievement of service-provision
The validity of each service provision is mentioned with each sale.
Given its nature, the validity will never be extended after the date of end of the service. For a  successful achievement of the service, the customer must be in time, at the appointed time and day, if not, he must  contact the provider directly. Any reservation is firm and final (however, possible cancellation, under the conditions mentioned below, article 9).
7-1. Accommodation
For booking an accommodation, we strongly recommend you to inform directly the hotel of your arrival time. Without news from the customer related to his arrival time, the booking will not be ensured after 06:00 p.m.
REMINDER : some hotels don't have an overnight reception, please, take care.
7-2 Entertainment and tourist services, packages.
To ensure a successful achievement of the service, it’s required to respect the timetable. In case the customer be late without having informed about, it's only the goodwill of the provider that may ensure or not the booking. If the provider can’t wait for late customers, the postponement  of the activity will be offered the customer. In the event that no date of replacement would be suitable, the customer will be the only responsible for being late and a penalty of 100% of the amount of the service will be billed. It may happen that some activities proposed by the Providers and detailed in the page displayed on, will be cancelled, especially for weather situation, in circumstances beyond our control, off-season stay, or when the number of participants required for the activity is not sufficient. Cancelling any activity in circumstances beyond our control or because of a third party behaviour,  will never result in any compensation for the user, by the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire ».
7-3. Tickets
The tickets ordered are sent by Email except otherwise requested.

Article 8 - Vouchers
Concerning the sale of accommodation, meals or a set of services (package), once the validation of the booking has been performed, in accordance with the stipulated terms of the article 3 of these general sale conditions, the customer will receive by E-mail the booking confirmation to deliver to the providers concerned.
Considering the delay from the date of booking and the date of stay, such booking confirmation may be delivered to the customer directly, upon his arrival at the Tourist Office, if not, the customer will keep the booking number written on  the booking confirmation to tell it to the provider, showing his Identity Card.

Article 9 - Cancellation / Change required by the customer
Any cancellation requirement, whole or in part, has to clearly mention the booking number, the name and contact details of the people affected by  the cancellation, and  will be sent in writting to the tourist Office only, but not to the tourist providers. The requirement has to be sent by letter or by E-mail to : Office de Tourisme Une autre Loire – – 4 place de la Févrière – 49410 ST FLORENT LE VIEIL.
A mutual agreement is the best between seller and buyer. Anyway, in the absence of such agreement, the rules applied are as follows :
> For the packages including several services, especially accommodation and/or meals :
• cancellation at least 30 days before the service-provider begins work : retention of 25% on the price of stay
• 30 to 15 day-cancellation : retention of 50% the price of stay
• 14 day-cancellation : retention of whole of the price of stay
Furthermore, no refund will be granted in case the customer does not come.
> For just one service ticket : no refund.
It would be the same when  the client does not come without prior cancellation for the services, in whole or in part.
Besides, in case of a new ticket issuance, or a new booking, further to a cancellation or a change by the user, the price for the new ticket or the new booking may be higher than for the first ticket or first booking.

Article 10 - Cancellation / change from the seller
In the event of being obliged to cancel the service-provision before the activity starts, a postponement will be offered to the customer.
In particular, the boat rides are subject to special  cancellation conditions, linked to meteorological, human and technical factors. Besides, it is stated that the departure will be ensured only  when reaching a defined number of passengers (information given in the specification of the product sold and on the E-mail ticket).
More  terms and conditions  can be applied to activities, they are notified in the specification of the product sold and on the E-mail ticket).
In the event a postponement will not be possible, the customer will be repaid in full by the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » founding the credit card used for the online payment.

Article 11 – Case of unforeseeable circumstances
The providers reserve the right to cancel any booking in case of unforeseeable circumstances and to modify the date.
This will happen in case of strikes, because of weather conditions (weather event, storm…), water conditions (flood, inundation…), closure of establishments and geographic conditions.

Article 12 – Insurances
The client is liable for all damages caused by him. He is encouraged to take out insurance policy for the different risks.

Article 13 –  Insurance and guarantee
The tourist Office « Une autre Loire »  has subscribed an insurance in  SMACL Assurances, 141 avenue Salvador Allende, 79031 Niort Cedex 9  to cover physical injuries, material and intangible damages caused to the participants as a result of the deficiency or default of its services. Financial Guarantee : GROUPAMA ASSURANCE-CREDIT, 5 rue du Centre, 93199 Noisy le Grand Cedex

Article 14 – Claims and disputes
In case of claim, the parties will try to find a mutual agreement. Any claim related to a service-provision will be submitted to the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire » by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt sent within the 10 days following the service delivery to  :
Office de Tourisme Une autre Loire – 4 place de la Févrière – 49410 ST FLORENT LE VIEIL –

Article 15 – personal data
The Web site has been the object of a declaration to CNIL. The customer has the right of access, of modification, including the rectification or the removal of relevant data. The customer may exercise this right by simply informing the Tourist Office «  Une autre Loire – 4 place de la Févrière – 49410 ST FLORENT LE VIEIL.

The banking data entered by the customer are encrypted to be processed by the Crédit Agricole, the only bank able to decipher it. The encryption is made using the SSL protocol - Secure Socket Layer - which encrypts all the personal datas including the number, the name and the address linked to the credit card, to prevent these datas from being read during the transmission on the Web.
The other information (except payment information) given by the user, allows to process and to execute the purchases.
All our authorized employees, subcontractors and third parties who have access to our database or who are associated to their process, are required to respect the confidentiality of the private datas of the visitors, clients and prospects. Unless otherwise stipulated and stated on the input data form , the private information are collected exclusively for an internal use of the Tourist Office «  Une autre Loire » and will not be transmitted to third parties.
Payment failure arising from a fraudulent use of a bank card will lead to the registration of the user's purchase order data into a « default in payment file », implemented by and under the responsability of the insurer.

Article 16 – General rules relating to the sale of tourism packages.
Following the current general conditions, a tourist package is when an inclusive price is proposed for a service provision longer than 24 hours or including an overnight stay with at least two tourist services.
The sale of the tourism packages is governed by  Title 1 of the Book II of the Tourism Code relating to travel planning and sale of travels and holidays.
In accordance with the article R. 211-14 of the Tourism Code, the articles R. 211-5 to R. 211-13 of that Code are described below.
« Art. R. 211-5. - Subject to exclusions applied under paragraph two (a and b) of the article L. 211-8, each offer and each sale of  travel or holidays services  leads to the delivery of suitable documents  in accordance with the rules defined by the headline. For air ticket or transport document on regular routes, without the services associated to those transports, the seller hands over to the purchaser one or more travel tickets for the entire journey, issued by the carrier or under his responsability... For a transport on request, the name and the address of the carrier on whose behalf the tickets are issued must be mentioned. The separate invoicing of the various elements compounding a tourism package does not exempt the seller from the obligations under this title.
Art. R. 211-6. - Before concluding the contract, on written material showing the company name and address and pointing out the official authorization, the seller will provide to consumers, information on prices, dates and on the various components of the service supplied on scheduled travels or stays, such as: 1)  destination,  means,  characteristics and categories of transport used; 2) The means of accommodation :  situation,  level of comfort, main characteristics, its registration and tourism status in accordance with the regulations or the customs of the host country; 3) The meals provided; 4) Description of the route for a circuit; 5) the health and administrative formalities required at the borders, if necessary, and the  time needed to do it; 6) The visits, trips and more services included in the package or which may be available at extra cost; 7) The minimum or maximum number of participants in a group to realize a tour or stays and if the tour is subject to a minimum of participants and, the deadline for informing the consumer in the event of cancellation of the journey or stay; this deadline cannot be less than twenty one days before the departure; 8) the amount or the percentage of the price to pay as a deposit when the contract is concluded and the timing of the payment of balance; 9) The review of the terms of payment as provided by the contract under the article R. 211-10; 10) The conditions of cancellation of a contractual nature; 11) The conditions of cancellation as defined by articles R. 211-11, R. 211-12 and R. 211-13;
12) The details of the risks covered and the amount of the subscribed guarantees by the insurance contract covering the consequences of the professionnal civil liability of the travel agencies, of the non-profit organizations and of the tourism local organizations; 13) The information about the optional  insurance policy covering some special risks, especially the costs of repatriation in the event of accident or illness. Art. R. 211-7. - The prior information  given to the consumer binds the seller unless the said information states that the seller expressly reserves the right to modify certain elements therein. In this case, the seller must clearly point out to what extent this modification may occur and regarding which elements. In any case,  amendments to the prior information shall be communicated to the consumer, in writing, before concluding the contract.
Art. R. 211-8. - The contract concluded between seller and buyer must be a written contract, signed by both parties, drawn up in two copies, one of which is remitted to the purchaser. This contract shall include the following clauses : 1) The name and address of the seller, of the guarantor and of the insurer and the name and address of the operator; 2) The travel destination(s) and, where periods of stay are involved, the relevant periods with dates; 3) The means, the characteristics and the different transport category used, departure and arrival date and time; 4) The lodging time, the situation, the level of comfort and the main characteristics, its classification in accordance with the regulations or the custom of the host country; 5) Le number of meals provided; 6) Description of the route for a circuit; 7) The visits, trips and more services included in the package  8) the total price of the services invoiced and indication of any possible review this invoicing by virtue of the article R. 211-10; 9) Where applicable, the information, of all fees or duties chargeable for services as the landing, boarding and disembarkation taxes applicable in the ports or airports, the tourist tax when they are not included in the price of the services provided; 10) The payment schedule and the terms of payment ; however, the last amount effectued by the buyer shall not be less than  30 p. 100 of the price of the journey or the stay and must be settled when the documents enabling the tour or the stay will be delivered; 11) The Special Conditions required by the buyer and accepted by the seller; 12) The procedure by which the buyer can make a complaint to the seller for non-fulfillment or bad fulfillement of the contract ; this claim must be sent to the seller, as soon as possible, by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt, eventually,  informing in writting, the tour operator and the provider of the concerned services; 13) The deadline for informing the buyer in the event of cancellation of the tour or stay, since this will depend on  the number of participants, as stipulated in  7) of the article R. 211-6; 14) the contractual conditions of cancellation ; 15) The conditions of cancellation provided in the articles R. 211-11, R. 211-12 and R. 211-13;   16) The details regarding the risks covered and the amount of the guarantees within the insurance contract covering the consequences of the professionnal  liability of the seller;     17) The information regarding the insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cancellations subscribed by the buyer (the insurance policy number and name of the insurer) as well as the information regarding the assistance contract covering some special risks, especially the cost of rapatriation in case of accident or illness ; in this case, the seller shall deliver to the buyer a document indicating, at least, the covered and non-covered risks ;
18) the deadline for the seller to inform the purchaser  in case of transfer of the agreement by the buyer; 19) An undertaking to provide the purchaser in writing ,at least ten days before the scheduled date of departure, the following information :
a) The name, addresses and telephone numbers of the local representative of the seller or failing this, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the local organizations which may help the consumer, should any difficulties arise, or failing this, a telephone number which will enable the consumer to contact the seller in the case of emergency ;
b) Regarding journeys and holidays abroad for minors, a telephone number and address whereby direct contact can be made with the child or the person in charge during his/her holidays.
Art. R. 211-9. - The buyer can transfer the Contract to an assignee who fulfills the same conditions, allowing the assignee to complete the journey or stay as long as the journey or stay has not yet begun. Unless conditions more favorable to the grantor, that one is required to inform the seller of his decision by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at least seven days in advance of the intended travel. This period shall be extended to fifteen days for a cruise. In no case may such a transfer has to be agreed in advance by the vendor.
Art. R. 211-10. - When the contract explicitly contains the possibility of reviewing the prices within the limits laid down in article L. 211-13, it must mention the precise means of calculation for both rises and reductions and in particular concerning transport costs and related taxes ; currency/ies which may affect the price of the journey or the stay ; the percentage of the price affected by the variation ; the currency rate taken into account when drawing up the prices given in the agreement.
Art. R. 211-11. - When, before the scheduled time of departure of the buyer, the seller is forced to modify one of the essential elements of the agreement, such as a significant price increase, the purchaser, without judjing of the recourse of the damage possibly suffered, and after being informed by the seller, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt has the right to : - either terminate the contract and obtain the immediate repayment of the payed amounts without penalty; - or to accept a substitution journey proposed by the seller ; an amendment to the contract, pointing out the changes will be signed by both parties;  any decrease in price being deducted from the amounts potentially remaining due by the buyer, and, if the payment which has already been made by the customer exceeds the price of the modified service, the overpayment will be refunded before the date of departure.
Art. R. 211-12. - In the case referred to in article L. 211-15, when, before the departure of the buyer, the seller cancels the journey or the stay, he must inform the buyer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt,  without any prejudice to his right to claim compensation for any damage which may have been incurred ;  in this case, the purchaser receives an indemnity which is at least equal to the penalty he would have had to have paid should the cancellation have been made at his bidding at this date. This arrangement can be also concluded as an amicable agreement having for object the acceptance by the customer for a tour or stay of replacement, in similar conditions, proposed by the seller.
Art. R. 211-13. -When, after the departure of the buyer, the seller is unable to provide a major share of the scheduled services in the contract, which  represent a significant proportion of the price payed by the customer, the seller will immediately take the following measures, without any prejudice to the right to claim compensation for damages which may have been incurred : either offer services as a replacement for the first scheduled services  eventually bearing the additional cost, or, in the event that the new services accepted by the customer would be of inferior quality, the seller will have to repay the price differential, as soon as the customer will be back; - or, in the event that no service of substitution can be suggested or if they are refused by the buyer upon reasonable grounds, the seller will provide transport tickets to insure the customer return, in conditions estimated equivalent , to the starting point or to another place with the agreement of both parties.»

Article 17 – Final Provisions
 The fact that the Tourist Office « Une autre Loire »  does not exercise a right, at any particular time, of any one of the provisions of these General Conditions,  will not constitute a waiver of that particular provision for the future. If any provision in these Conditions is or becomes invalid and of no effect, this would be considered not written and shall not prejudice the applicability of all other provisions of these Conditions, except if the provision declared void and of no effect was essential and crucial.
Each case of unforeseeable circumstances suspends the current obligations concerned by the case of unforeseeable circumstances and will relieved of all responsability the party concerned by the obligation so affected.

Office de Tourisme Une autre Loire, immatriculation Atout France n°IM04914004
4 place de la Févrière - 49410 ST FLORENT LE VIEIL
Assurance civile professionnelle : SMACL Assurances, 141 avenue Salvador Allende, 79031 Niort Cedex 9
Garantie financière : GROUPAMA ASSURANCE-CREDIT, 5 rue du Centre, 93199 Noisy le Grand Cedex