Are you a horse lover? Horses and ponies may be unassuming, but they certainly have a great presence in the landscape!

Ideally located in the park of the Château de Beaupréau, the Pentall stables and Hippodrome de la Prée racetrack will fill you with wonder. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the horses training in the wee hours of the morning.





The races at Beaupréau during the Foire de la Petite Angevine festival are the major event of the end of the summer for the whole region. People come to watch the horse races to bet or out of simple curiosity, and then enjoy a real moment of relaxation with family or friends.

Would you like to explore our wine region on horseback? Vignes en Selle offers one- to two-hour horseback rides to discover the banks of the Moine or the heart of wine country.