A small road leads from the town of Montjean-sur-Loire and crosses over a bridge to reach the Ile de Chalonnes, the longest island anywhere along the Loire at 13 kilometers (8 miles) in length!


Open-air-cafe-in-Montjean-sur-Loire  open-air-cafe-in-montjean-sur-loire



Spend an unconventional night in a yurt and – newly available – treat yourself to exclusively local, seasonal products at the open-air cafe, Au Bout de l’Ile. If you are in search of peace and quiet, stroll through the dedicated shady areas, the perfect place to meet up with friends or family after a great ride on the Loire by Bike trail.

You may even be lucky enough to meet Véronique, Jean Jacques, Louise and Alexandre, the managers of these little gems, who will undoubtedly be thrilled to reveal our region’s charms to you.


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